I made an appointment with Dave at Broken Axle Inc. to have some wiring done. When I showed up a few minutes before my time he was in the waiting room ready to take my keys and get started. I had been quoted an hour and around $100 to complete the job when I had talked to him the day before. The install went over his estimated time by about an hour due to a few snags and a different method used for the install.

The finished product at the end of two hours was amazing! There are no visible wires, switches appear factory and the replacement of the dash after the removal to route wires is flawless.

When it came time to pay he apologized that it took longer and confirmed that he had quoted me $100, he then charged me for the quoted amount even though he had went over time!

Overall, A+ service and workmanship. Definitely worth talking to him if you need 4x4, truck or diesel work done.


Thumbs up for Broken Axle. Just got my rear end pretty much completely replaced by them and was very happy with the service.

Verified all work with me before starting, price quoted was what they charged, fast, efficient. He even stayed late on friday to fix my truck. Another nice surprise that I didn't know about till after was their rate which was $75/hr which is really competitive compared to many other shops I've spoken to.


Great service and great pricing compared to other Diesel Shops in Calgary! I highly recommend this shop to anyone who owns a Diesel truck.

The Honda dealer quoted me $1000 for a new power steering pump. The mechanic at Broken Axle said $0.49 for a new hose clamp! And that's why I keep taking my car back there for all the routine maintenance. P.S. Five years later, I'm still running on that original steering pump!

David added aftermarket performance parts - He knows how to do a variety of custom work, made tools to suit, protected shiny bits, and it all works. He has my full confidence.

I was impressed that the quote was accurate and the work was done on time. Not to mention that they were cheaper than the other shops I call. I would go here again and highly recommend this shop!


Got a quote from a local dealership for some work ...$5500. Brought my Liberty to Broken Axle for a blind inspection. Found everything that the dealer did and fixed all the issues for $1300 !! My heroes !

Broken Axle's Facebook page

Unbelievable transformation of this truck!!! The DPF/EGR delete transformed this truck from a vibrating, coughing, unreliable, piece of s**t into a smooth running monster without drastically increasing the power settings!

A few pro's and cons:

  • Starts much better especially when engine is warm (like it should).
  • No jerky shifting or throttle transition snapping (like it did)
  • Better fuel mileage, although I haven't checked it yet, but the avg. mileage on the idiot gauge on top console keeps going up with every kilometer driven so far. I'll check it and let you know how much it increased for me.
  • Perfect sound with factory piping minus DPF. (for me... I like a little tone but not too loud).
  • Incredible power increase with "MILD" settings.
  • Only smokes when you really "stand on it".
  • No diesel smoke smell in cab (all that leaky tubing on EGR... pathetic design).
  • Much cleaner under hood which should make mechs happy :-)


  • Smells a bit more stinky from the exhaust... the way a diesel should.
  • Gets up to speed so fast I hope I don't get speeding tickets.
  • Cost you in tire wear if you're a "Cowboy".


2009 Dodge 3500 6.7L Cummins DPF Delete, EGR Delete and EGR Cooler Delete with Smarty Programmer